Light Housekeeping

Living in a clean and organized home is important to anyone’s health and wellbeing, especially for seniors and other clients who spend most of their time at home. They might also lack the ability to clean their homes as often or as well as is necessary. Merciful Homecare Services can assist with light housekeeping, giving you or your loved one, the help you need to maintain a clean, healthy home. Light housekeeping assistance for our clients is not just about dusting and vacuuming. Our caregivers are ready to;

Help Cleaning the Kitchen
Our in-home caregivers can help with disinfecting counters, sweeping, and mopping floors, washing dishes, discarding spoiled food, and emptying trash bins. You don’t want germs to linger on counter tops and other surfaces as they can lead to bacterial and viral infections. Keeping refrigerators and cupboards free of expired or spoiled foods can avert food-borne illnesses. Maintaining a clean kitchen enables you, or your loved one to live a healthy life. Utilizing the Merciful Homecare Services can be an important part of keeping your loved ones healthy and comfortable in their homes.

Help Cleaning the Bathroom
Our in-home caregivers can help in disinfecting the bathroom, including the sink, toilet, and shower; organizing bathroom towels and washcloths; and in emptying trash bins. Your bathroom is where you go to get clean. Making sure it is clean and free of germs will help in living a healthy life.

Help Cleaning the Bedroom/Living Room
Our in-home caregivers can assist with vacuuming and dusting; organizing closets; changing bed linens and making the bed; and emptying trash bins. There is no greater feeling than getting into a bed at night with crisp, clean sheets. Or sitting on a couch in an uncluttered living room that’s dust-free. Let our in-home caregivers focus on keeping the home clean and let you or your loved one enjoy the things that matter most.

Our core mission is to ensure our clients’ healthy lifestyle and well-being. Call us today at 8604612867 and ask how Merciful Homecare Services can help with your light housekeeping needs.


Just as having a clean and neat home is important for well-being, so is having a clean and neat personal appearance. This is especially true for the seniors who may struggle with keeping up with personal hygiene and care. Laundry assistance is one way to provide the help seniors need to keep up their personal appearance.

In-Home Caregivers Provide Laundry Assistance for Seniors. Our in-home caregivers can help you or your loved one with chores such as handling laundry loads, folding and ironing clothes.

Laundry tends to pile up and become overwhelming at times for anyone. This can become a bigger challenge for the elderly who may have health or mobility issues. Let Merciful Homecare Services take on the laundry tasks and take the load off your shoulders.